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European Robotics Forum 2016 - Session: Collaboration in Industry 4.0: Human Robot and flexible processes

When Mar 23, 2016
from 04:15 PM to 05:45 PM
Where Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Session Title: Collaboration in Industry 4.0: Human, Robot and Flexible processes

Dr Ferdinando CANNELLA, AIAL - Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italy)

Dr Sotiris MAKRIS, LMS – University of Patras (Greece)

Dr Matteo ZOPPI, DIMEC - Università di Genova (Italy)
Motivation and Objectives

Industry 4.0 aims at improving production systems, value chains and business models in industry. Future production systems will be characterized by individualized products under the conditions of a highly flexible mass production that drives industry to investigate new solutions for increased flexibility.

This research involves flexible robotic equipment, with dexterous grippers design, supported by intelligent and open decision making software platforms within the Industry 4.0 topics namely, interoperability, visualization, decentralization, real – time capability, service orientation and modularity.

That means the grippers must have the following capabilities:

  • Perception as an integrated cognitive capability considering collaborative perception
  • Perception as a way to create intelligent, dexterous “universal” devices for handling or manipulation of products or tools
  • Facing the non-expected situations, and adapt their behaviour in order to better handle them, while taking into account safety aspects
  • Learning, sharing tools, re-using the acquired abilities and competence
  • No physical barriers
  • Transition from the intrinsic to extrinsic dexterity.
Then, after decades where the human being had to adapt the rigid machine rhythms, nowadays the challenge is not only to face the flexibility, but also to develop robots closer to human being.
Agenda of the workshop:

16:15 – 16:20 Introduction by the moderators

16:20 – 17:30 Presentations


  • Affordable reconfigurable robotic hand/gripper , Dr Wei Guowu, USM
  • Dexterous Manipulators and Human Manipulation trade off in industry application , Dr Ferdinando Cannella, IIT
  • New synergistic dexterity and skills in physical human robot cooperation – towards a multi – modal / arms “drum - circle” , Dr Dragoljub Surdilovic, Fraunhofer IPK
  • On the design of adaptive grippers for the grasping of non-rigid materials, Prof Matteo Palpacelli, UniPM
  • Cognitive Manufacturing with Soft Items, Prof Vaclav Hlavac, CVUT
  • Smarm cooperative manufacturing from the outcomes of the SwarmItFIX EU project, M. Sc Rezia Molfino, UniGE
  • Service oriented approach in flexible manufacturing using robots, Mr. George Papanikolopoulos, CASP
  • Task planning for robotic assembly in flexible manufacturing, Dr Sotiris Makris, LMS
  • Open dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug – and – Produce Automation Components, Mr. Amit Eytan, WePlus


17:30 – 17: 45 Round Table Discussion: Industrial robots flexibility and Industry 4.0 in H2020 – survey results

Dr Wei Guowu, USM

Dr Ferdinando Cannella, IIT

Dr Dragoljub Surdilovic, Fraunhofer IPK

Mr. Alessandro Zanella, CRF

Prof Matteo Palpacelli, UniPM

M. Sc Rezia Molfino, UniGE

Mr. George Papanikolopoulos, CASP

Dr Sotiris Makris, LMS

Mr. Amit Eytan, WePlus
Further information

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